Essential Oils info

Essential oils are what is known as the “Life’s Blood” in plants, mimicking our bodies own ability to carry nutrients and oxygen! These essential oils are a liquid that run through the plant that can be safely extracted through the use of steam distillation. The unique process maintains the [high] frequency of the oil. All the cheaper ‘more affordable’ essential oils are made through harsh chemicals and process, making the oil unsafe to consume, making them non-therapeutic.

Just to give you an idea of how concentrated essential oils are, let’s use lemon, lavender, and peppermint as an example. It takes 75 lemons to make a 15 milliliter bottle of oil, it takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to make a 15 milliliter bottle of lavender, and it takes 1 pound of peppermint leaves to make a 15 milliliter bottle of peppermint! AND GET THIS: In one drop of oil, there are 40 million trillion molecules!!!!!!

During the Biblical era anyone who could afford them used only essential oils, instead of dry/fresh herbs. They were a prized-possession to the middle class and especially royalty . Now, thankfully, Young Living makes therapeutic oils affordable for everyone. We love our Young Living Oils and we’re amazed how often you can use them: losing sore muscle, increasing your ability to learn, burning fat, cleansing your body, or even becoming more spiritually aware! So why Young Living?

We love Young Living because for over twenty years they have led the market and they were the first large company to start scientifically validating essential oils! We love their approach, how concerned they are with the oils’ purity, and that the company is faith-based! Their motto is ‘seed is seal’ because they strive to go straight from plant to bottle an incredibly vital step (the fresher the plant is the greater and better the oil it’ll produce). We value and cherish essential oils, as an extension to our already vast love of natural medicine. What feeds our passion is the incredible potency of essential oils. Just 1 drop can pack the same medicinal punch of a whole BAG OF PLANT MATERIAL!

The most amazing aspect from Young Living is that every month we make residual income! The founder of Young Living, Dr. Gary Young, has gone out of his way to ensure that he can share the wealth with all of the members, which is so incredibly generous. When we sign someone up we’re there with them from the start, ensuring that they have all the information they need, and especially our encouragement if they want to turn it into a business by becoming distributors.

We know plenty of distributors who were able to quite their 9-5 job because of Young Living! By becoming a member, you get the oils at a wholesale price, which is a 25% discount on the regular price! If you just need some oil from time to time though that’s fine, you can always be a member without being a distributor. We’re part of the largest growing Young Living team that’s dedicated to ensuring our team has whatever they need and are fully informed on all the amazing oils, and their benefits, that Young Living has to offer!

Feel free to contact us on facebook or on this blog and may your health be your wealth!