Green Cush (a.k.a. green crack)

Sativa and Sinensis

Join me on this blog, Sativa and Sinensis, as I explore the intricate pleasantries of teas and weed.

 Named by snoop doggy dogg, aka snoop lion, this strain is highly energetic and super focusing! Most definitely this comes from the skunk #1 ancestor, of which I’m a huge fan of. Its got a very potent and noticeable mango fruit flavor you it. Its no doubt to a dominate terpene, perhaps mycrene? 

Alex considers it an excellent ‘Wake and bake ‘ herb for, no doubt, the clean energy buzz thats sprinkled with rays of calming and relaxing super chilled out vibes that’ll ‘also go balls to the wall ‘, 0-60, open up a can of whoop ass, get shit down; if you need to be. Its no doubt how “green crack” became its name. 

It’s definitely high in Mycrene, which is no surprise, Mycrene is no doubt known for the relaxing properties. Hops, lemongrass, thyme, goldenrod and mangoes are a few things you’ll find  increase your high using their own unique terpenes to work synergistically with thc and cbds, and all the millions of other essential oil compounds that are found in cannibas.


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