Connie’s lemon haze

Sativa and Sinensis

Join me on this blog, Sativa and Sinensis, as I explore the intricate pleasantries of teas and weed

My wife’s favorite; a super mellow, but yet energetic,  invigorating and uplifting high that is crystal clear. Definitely an all time favorite right away! We wanted something that wasn’t as strong as sour diesel, which I’m still eager to try, yet just as distinct and clear headed. 
This bud is a mix of super super haze and lemon skunk. Its a two time cannibas cup winner, created by green house seeds. The haze and skunk are very prominent, and its definitely got the lemony citrusy characteristics! Thats no doubt to done d-limeone im sure. 
I found this strain to be superbly functional, both energetic and relaxing, much like green tea, but with strongesr overtones of “hazyness” i call it. Alex considers it to be the same degree of relaxation, but also with the energizing properties. 
I would say this is a perfect blend for her, although i five myself leaning towards the deeply stimulating properties of dr. Grimspoon, which i will soon try with cedarwood and rosemary! However, this is a perfect herb for the later part of the day, as you wind down. 


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