Sativa and Sinensis

Join me on this blog, Sativa and Sinensis, as I explore the intricate pleasantries of teas and weed

VV. Gyokuro


The “Silk of Green Tea“, as i call it, gyokuro is simply an amazing green tea! It’s by far one of the fastest steeping teas i’ve bought, at only 70 seconds, this is due no doubt to it’s lightness. Pinching it between your fingers it’s easy to tell how very light smooth it is.  It’s made by a SINGLE FAMILY FARM, and is considered Townsends highest grade Sencha, which is easily understandable!

The flavor and aroma of VV. Gyokuro is very bitter and earthy. It’s definitely a true Sencha in that regard. It’s caffeine effect is potent, but also very rounded and calm, attributing to it’s L-Theanine conent no doubt. It is truelly a refreshing cup, and will always probably be a favorite!


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