Dr. Grinspoon

Sativa and Sinensis

Join me on this blog, Sativa and Sinensis, as I explore the intricate pleasantries of teas and weed

Dr. Grinspoon


An instant favorite! Perhaps one of the best examples of a chill, but totally clear, sativa strain. Remarkably uplifting and eupohric even, it complements the subtle energetic properties of the Gyokuro i had earlier.

Simply the best strain for studying and being pencive by offering a unique clearly cerebral high. I have found that, for this strain, a strong cup of yerba mate will balance the Dr. Grinspoon using its strong mateine alkaloid by increasing blood flow to soft muscle tissue (musles, the heart, etc. as opposed to centrail nervous system like in caffeine.)

My partner finds the high too relaxed, which is why later ill be talking about another popular strain know more for it’s clearly energetic high.




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