Why Super Citrus Green Tea is 100x better than coffee


Super Citrus Green Tea


This combo doesn’t just give you amazing, stable, energy that’ll last throughout the day; but it also offers a POWERHOUSE of benefits that’ll help you in many different ways. It’ll jump start your day by increasing your metabolism, balancing your mood, promoting mental clarity, detoxification, and increasing and improving blood flow!  Super citrus green tea will give you a powerful start to your day!

I drink Super citrus green tea to boost energy in the morning, creating more alertness and a ‘ready to work’ energy boost. Those I’ve given a cup of Super citrus green tea to agree, it’s simply the best morning energy supplement. It’s also great for keeping away morning hunger. It greatly boosts metabolism and helps ‘move’ things through your body (it’s a diuretic), while also decreasing the morning time stiffness from inflammation! It’s simply one of THE BEST TONICS.

In this post I’ll walk you through how to make a great cup of tea (you’d be amazed how easy it is to ruin a cup of tea). I’ll briefly talk about the astonishing health benefits of green tea (learn more about the different kinds of tea here), then I’ll explain what makes lemon essential oil such a powerful tonic. You’ll be amazed to learn about the 4 different compounds that make up lemon essential oil and their various benefits.


1-4 tsp. Organic Loose leaf Green Tea, White tea, Oolong Tea, or Black tea

(Did you know: each kind of tea has a recommend temperate to steep it in and a recommend steep time!)

2-4 drops of Lemon **Young Living Essential Oil

About 1/4 tsp Raw Stevia***

(Did you know: You should never add boiling water directly into tea or make a cup/pot of tea and leave it sitting for more than 6 min!! Boiled water is way too hot, and letting the tea sit over steeps it making it BITTER, which till give you nausea early in the morning on an empty stomach!)

* I never use tea bags, it’s much cheaper to buy loose leaf tea in the bulk section of most health food stores, and it’s much better quality! Also being organic is extremely important, this is a SUPER DRINK and you need and deserve the best, I promise it’ll taste better and give you a better energy high!

** Make sure you use THERAPUTIC GRADE essential oil, it’s the only kind that’s safe to ingest, we love young living and get great deals and discounts by being distributors! Learn more here

*** The best all natural organic raw plant based (its ground up leaves from a stevia plant) sweetener (not sugar).

(Did you know: honey is often used in tea, but becomes carcinogenic when heated up past 104° F!)


The best way to make tea is simple:

Add the loose leaf tea into a large separate jar or container; French presses work the best. I don’t have a French press at work, so instead I use a thermos to remove the tea from the tea leaves.

After my tea has steeped (each tea has a different steeping time, usually about 4 min) I strain it into the cup that I’ll be drinking from.

Then simply add 2-4 drops of lemon essential oil into your tea, I use a large mason jar with a easily removable lid to shake up the tea, otherwise the essential oil will sit on the top of the water.

(If mixing it up isn’t an option you can always use a non-gelatin fillable pill to put your essential oil in, this allows you to take the oil quickly and easily, it’s prefect for the stronger oils too like thieves.)

at home: wait till the water is starting to whine and groan, it makes this sound right before it starts boiling, and it’s just about the perfect temperature for tea! If you forget simply add some room temperature water into your tea to balance out the temperature, a 1:10 ratio of room temp water to super-hot boiled water is perfect.

At work: When I’m at oak I use the same ratio from a water dispenser that has hot water


 Why green tea’s my #1 tonic!

Green tea’s been used across Asia for thousands of years, and is such a strong tonic they consider it medicine! I can go through at least 8 cups of green tea a day! It keeps me high and energized, while also allows my body to relax. Here’s a number of good to know health benefits of green tea to encourage you to start using it regularly.

Energy High

Arguably the best part of Green Tea is the caffeine, but did you know it’s the L-Theanine in it that makes it so perfectly balanced? I’ll be talking more about L-Theanine, my drug of choice in a later article. L-Theanine is used to help weight, sleep, mood, blood pressure and to balance your brain chemistry. In fact L-Theanine can cross the blood-brain barrier, which is both rare and remarkable; this explains why it’s been shown to increase serotonin, dopamine, gaba, and glycerin level!

*Did you know L-Theanine is considered a physcoactive! It’s AMAZING ITS LEGAL!

Super List of Benefits

List Green Tea Benefits.png


Lemons amazing compounds

A wide range of health benefits from plants are derived from their chemical compounds, terpenes are among one of the most common. Terpenes are an essential component for the growth of a plant; they’re also a vital aid in the plant’s production and use of vitamins, hormones and resins. They also fortify the plants immune system from bugs and bacteria.

I’ll introduce to you, over the course of this article, to the 4 different compounds found in lemon essential oil responsible for its amazing benefits. Then I’ll go over how they work so well to promote our health in so many ways.D-limonene


D-Limonene makes up over 70% of Lemon Essential Oil! The power house of medicinial properties found from D-Limonene make Lemon essential oil excepitionally theraputic. D-Limonene is created in plants, like lemons, to kill pathogens and deter insects. In the lemon it is responsible for the sweet/sour flavor of the fruit. Like other terpenes plants use D-Limonene as natural defense against insects, enviromental stress and to repair wounds and injuries.

D-Limonene is: a powerful Anti-inflammatory, potent antioxidant, anti-anxiety, anti-cancer, metabolism booster, burns fat, detoxes the liver, fortifies the DNA, and boosts energy! It can even help sleep and relaxation because of its calming properties!

Fat Annihilator

D-Limonene literally dissolves fat! Since it’s a terpene its very similar in nature of Turpentine, which is used for oil painting because of its ability to make thick and hard paint malleable and useable. D-Limonene has been found to dissolve cholesterol gallstones, this makes it especially important for woman because estrogen supersaturates cholesterol making it stagnant.

D-Limonene has an amazing ability to stimulate and circulate the lymphatic system, which is AMAZING because the lymphatic system is so vitally important to our health. Did you know that the lymphatic system uses fluid, lymph fluid, which works to remove toxins and waste using white blood cells? YES, THERE’S A HIGHWAY of lymph fluid running through you that goes through 500 to 700 nodes scattered across the body! In fact one of the easiest ways to tell if your immune system is having a hard time is checking the lymph nodes under your neck, if they’re swollen than that’s a for sure sign that your lymphatic system is having a hard time(this occurs because your lymph nodes are creating more white blood cells).

Did you know that D-Limonene has a remarkable ability to lower food cravings because of its mild appetite suppressant abilities, over-eating is a huge part of digestion problems!

Super charged digestion

Taking all that into account how can D-Limonene radically health or reduce your symptoms?! Lemon essential oil is capable of helping all acif reflux, indigestion and sluggish bowels! One way it can do this is by regulating the overgrowth of bacteria or candida albicans, which produces toxic metabolites that can greatly slow down your colon (no suprise it does this, remember D-Limonene kills pathogens because it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties).

D-Limonene prevents bile from backing up in your stomach, this can happen because the food in your stomach is irritating, hard to digest and not moving properly through. It’s the bile that you burp up that burns your throat during acid reflux. Lemon essential oil has a gentle cleansing and purifying effect on the body that is tremendously effective at simultaneously calming and boosting digestion!

Did you know D-Limonene can break down cholestrol sludge in the gall bladder that can form gall stones, it does this because it’s an AMAZING FAT CLEANSER!

Power packed cancer-killer

“d-Limonene exerts its anti-cancer activity by multiple mechanisms including improved immune response, improved antioxidant defense system, improved detoxification, reduction inflammation, better regulation of the cell cycle, and induction of death signals in cancer cells.” – 1999 researchers at Purdue University research study research done by University of Arizona in 2010

Easily the biggest reason D-Limonene is so great at balancing and increasing your health is because it assists the liver with detoxication of chemical toxins, which prevents your DNA by becoming damaged which leads to cancer. D-Limonene can even enter the tumor because of its fat solvent properties then DIRECTLY IMPROVE CELL SIGNALING TO KILL THE TUMOR. As a potent anti-oxidant it selectively helps healthy cells, while turning up free radical production in cancer cells to kill them. Amazingly D-Limonene has been shown to be effective against gastric, liver, lung, pancreatic, and prostate cancers. Even in advanced breast and colon cancer cases at high doses D-Limonene was able to stop cancer progression for up to six months!



Your healthy is centralized around your body’s ability to internally communicate, the more efficient the better. NF-kappB is what allows that to happen, it’s a gene signaling system that allows our cells to adapt to stress and overcome challenges for survival. NF-KappaB is central to fighting inflammation in our body of anykind!

Lemon essential oils cancer fighting properties are greatly aided by D-Limonene’s ability to increase intercellular communication through NF-Kappab. This is HUGE, because with cancer the NF-KappaB system is high jacked and used to forward the survival of the cancer, a breakdown of DNA and intercellular communication are at fault for this.

It’s amazing to note that NF-KappaB is shown to regulate terpene, which as discussed earlier and so foundational to our health. Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, prolonged infection, and continual toxin exposure are a few things that can leave our NF-KappaB system chronically inflamed. How amazing that Lemon essential oil, because of D-limoene, can help NF-KappaB!!

drop-of-oil-2.jpg The studies used to determine allot of the benefits stated above used about 500mg to 1000mg of d-Limonene, to gain similar effects a much less amount of Lemon essential oil can be used. About 6 drops of Lemon Essential Oil per day for 5 days is roughly 1000mg!





Studies have shown remarkable therapeutic properties of Mycrene: Anti-depressant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogen and Anti-Mutagenic. Mycrene promotes muscle relaxation, helping the body relax, and even has a sedative effect. The powerful analgesic effect is among one of the best and hardest to come by effects of this amazing terpene!!

Mycrene is the smallest of the terpenes! It’s found in high concentration in sweet basil, hops, cannabis and mangoes. Mycrene gets its name from Myrcia sphaerocarpa, a medicinal herb used as a folk remedy for diabetes, dysentery, diarrhea and hypertension. Mycrene is known to synergize the potency of other terpenes.

Perhaps the best effect from Mycrene in lemon essential oil is the sedative muscle relaxing properties, which coincide with the anti-inflammatory properties. This balances very well with the other terpenes, creating an oil that both stimulates and relaxes, much like green tea!




Terpinolene has a smoky/woody odor, it’s found in cumin, apples, lilac and tea tree. It’s best known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, when studied it was found that Terpinolene was effective against E Coli, Staphylococcus aureus (the non-drug resistant cousin of MRSA) and Staphylococcus epidermidis, among other pathogens. It has a sedative and relaxing effect.

Terpinolene was shown to have strong anti-oxidant properties and to down regulate certain cell proteins, slowing the growth of cancer. A 2005 studied showed that when used with vitamin A & E Terpinolene help prevent low-density lipoprotein oxidation (ldl).



Pinenes is best known for being responsible for the smell of pines! It’s found in high amount in rosemary and cannabis. Pinene has shown to be a bronchodilator, increasing air to the lungs and alleviating asthma. It is both a analgesic and anti-inflammatory.  It encourages apoptosis (kills cancer) and  anti-proliferative (inhibits cancer). Rosemary has shown a huge boost in supporting a healthy memory,  Pinenes is believed to have allot to do with that.

The Best Part

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