Bentonite Clay, a Holy Grail of Detox?

If you don’t use bentonite, sorry but you simply don’t have a good natural diet- at least by natures standards. You need to change how you few this simple but profound tool, don’t associate this with that stuff you use in pottery class. Every animal on this planet knows clay is essential as water. We suffer without it in ways were not even aware of.

Why do animals use it?

From the birds of the amazon jungle to the elephants of Africa clay is a dietary necessity and without it they would surely die. The Amazon Macaw is a bird I’m sure your familiar with. Everyday these birds spend 2-3 hours eating clay. During the daily diet these birds come across many seeds that would normally kill it if it wasn’t sure the absorbing and deactivating properties of clay. Tannin and alkaloids that these birds find in a number of trees, without their daily amount of clay, would kill them.

Elephants are another great example of natures use of clay. Every year during the dry season to get all the protein needs these giant animals eat tons of leaves. These leaves are loaded with alkaloids. Without the daily ingestion of clay elephants would die from the high concentration of alkaloids.

A read a story awhile back showing that when a poisen was introduced into the diet, an animal, in this case a rat, would instinctively ingest clay to combat the poison. I think this paints a clear picture that clay has a very special and significant impact on the animal kingdom and likewise it should equally be used by us.

Why we don’t use clay

In short; clay can’t be patented. If i can’t be patented then its of no use to a pharmaceutical company and your doctor will surely not subscribe it to you. People who eat clay are diagnosed with Pica, a eating disorder. It’s labeled and frowned upon in the health industry. Clay is cheap, extremely effective and easy to use.

Kinds of Clay

Some clays work better for people than others. I love bentonite and have had great success using it. Bentonite is a gray/white clay that works better for more alkaline body types. For those who are more acidic the darker clay work better. The difference is simply the metals that are in the clay, red and darker clay is known more for the iron.  I order clay off Ebay or Amazon and both have great products. Your better off paying a little more for a better product you’ll get more of.

I can only speak from experience about bentonite because thats the only thing ive used. There are LOTS of clays and i recommend doing your homework. However i have found only Bentonite and zeolite. I think whats important is the negative charge that the clay carries. When it comes to mineralization i rely on Celtic Sea Salt and Shilijat.
It’s important when using clay to never let it touch metal! This will effect the negative electric property that allows it to bind to positive toxins and poisons.

Why this is so important for use today

1000s of new terrible chemicals are created each year, most plastics had an estrogen effect on our bodies and that nuclear facility in Japan spewed enough radiation to kill the world over twice. Tons of chemicals are being dumped below us, in front of us and above us. Poison and toxins are EVERY where. Even with a pure diet you can’t avoid being exposed to these things. However clay is your secret weapon, one of a few, that can radically clean your body and keep it clean. When taking it everyday in the morning it will simple wait in your system to bind to a positive charged toxin or hormone and harmlessly carry it out of your body. Now do you see why this is the Holy Grail of natural medicine, why no health cabinet can be without it and why no diet is truely natural without this key element? I hope so…

P.S. Personally

I not only have a big bag of Bentonite, i keep some at work and have it in a jar so its easy to add into things. I would be lying if i said i take it everyday like i should, but its hard to remember. However i can say that if i have to go some where i know i will be eating non-organic i will have to take it with me and eat it before the meal.


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